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Important Notes


Sygic Maps SDK initialization is asynchronous. All SDK parts can be used only after successful initialization. Ignoring this rule may result in an app crash.


Applications can initialize and use the SDK offline. Learn more about offline maps.


Sygic Maps SDK initialization doesn't require any system permissions. To allow SDK use the device location, it's necessary to add NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription (Privacy - Location When In Use Usage Description) to Into.plist.


Don't use classes and functions with prefix sygm_ (added in SDK version 20, e.g. sygm_handle_t, sygm_SYAuthIntegration). They are internal parts of the framework, temporarily exposed as public due to technical reasons of interoperability between Swift and Objective-C. If used from outside, behavior is undefined.

Upgrade from an earlier version

If you previously installed the Sygic Maps SDK for iOS from a zip file containing a static framework:

  1. Remove all references to the previous framework from your Xcode project.
  2. Follow the instructions to install the Sygic Maps SDK for iOS using CocoaPods.
  3. Make any necessary changes as a result of the upgrade. See the release notes for a list of the changes in each release.
  4. Clean and rebuild your project by selecting Product > Clean and then Product > Build.