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Links to the API Reference can be found here

19.1.2 (2021-03-03)

Bug Fixes

  • Audio: Play audio instruction not earlier then status callback is processed
  • Routing: EV progress should now be ascending at all times


Bug Fixes

  • Android: Fix wrong map scaling on large resolutions
  • Core: Downloading of incidents does not spam server when the download fails

19.1.0 (2021-02-24)

Bug Fixes

  • Android: Fix proper playing of non-TTS voice sample
  • Android: Fix map resizing with parent layout (e.g. when entering/leaving fullscreen mode)
  • iOS: Move speed limit text to the vertical center
  • Map: Add scale conversion for MapTrafficSign
  • Map: Enable to initialize camera by visible map rectangle
  • Navigation: Change PoR's reported distance from PoI's distance to split point distance
  • Navigation: Fix calculation of distance to PoI on Route
  • Navigation: Fix incorrect n-th street count instructions
  • Navigation: Use soft float comparison when comparing trajectory positions
  • Routing: Endless re-computes should instead fail on un-avoidable traffic and note it in avoid violations
  • Routing: EV compute should no longer fail when only one EV stations is available in vicinity


  • Android: Add MapTrafficSign support
  • Android: Add route geometry getter into Route class
  • iOS: Add configurable images for incident warnings in SYMapView
  • iOS: Add option to get the geometry of a route
  • iOS: Add support for drawing traffic signs as a part of SYMapView
  • Map: Add missing incident types DangerousPlaceRailWay and DangerousPlaceCrossWind
  • Map: Add new incident type WeatherSnow
  • Map: Create and draw traffic sign markers above the map and in map too
  • Map: Upgrade logistic restriction visuals
  • Places: Add option to load mulitple places at once
  • Routing: Add interface for getting the Route geometry

Performance Improvements

  • Core: Replace vtable check in ObjectId
  • Map: Use syl::adaptive_distance for road length calculation in the GraphReader
  • Position: Add LRU cache for adjacentElements
  • Routing: Add multiple routing performance optimizations
  • Routing: Remove RoadReader mem allocation
  • Traffic: Add LRU cache for adjacentElements