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Sygic Maps SDK


The Sygic Maps SDK can be integrated into your apps to bring your users maps and turn-by-turn navigation anywhere they go. It's an all-in-one solution if you want to build an application that does it all.

Beautiful hybrid maps, a global database of Places (Points of Interest) and an excellent routing capability will make your apps world class. Our refined search algorithms will help you find the right destination and our new routing for Electric Vehicles will guide your path to ecological solutions. Rendering the map or calculating a route will be a breeze with our powerful APIs which are available for iOS and Android.

In addition to downloading online map data dynamically as needed, the SDK also supports offline maps by using the previously cached map data or downloaded offline map packages.

What can the SDK do?


Rendering a 3D map using our SDK is easy. The map supports gestures and shows the most necessary information. The maps are enriched by landmark models, 3D buildings and more. You can also add your custom made circles, polylines, markers etc. It's also possible to choose which layers of objects can be seen in the map and adjust the FPS in case your app would need a lightweight map experience.


Almost any type of route can be calculated using our SDK. Whether you need to calculate a route on your device (offline), or using a web API (online), you can choose between various transport modes such as car, transport truck, bus and more. In addition to basic routing, an EV routing (offline only) is available along with an AETR routing (offline only) which calculates the route with necessary break stops. Most of what is avoidable can be avoided and you can also avoid specific parts on the route. Naturally, if an internet connection is available, the traffic delays can be taken into account.

Turn-by-turn Navigation

Once a route has been computed, the navigation can start. Map Matching is automatically enabled in both navigation mode and tracking mode. A lot of information can be obtained during the navigation such as the next directions, the actual speed limit on the road, the POIs ahead and many more. All of this accompanied by spoken voice TTS instructions.

Autocomplete, Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding are all available online and offline. On top of that, you can search POIs in a certain radius, bounding box or search a certain category and much more.

If you've come this far, it's possible that you want to try it all out. You can start by choosing your preferred platform below.

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