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25.4.1 (2024-03-04)

Bug Fixes

  • Map: Fixed crash/exception when loading corrupted offline maps during SDK initialization
  • Map: Improve caching of logistic info

    Drastically improves reading of logistic information from map files while loading the map. This should help with lags when browsing the map over areas with too many restrictions.

  • Map: Make city center names more stable by use of minimal padding when they are visible

    The city names and road signs should be displayed with more stability and should no longer flicker in an unpredictable way.

  • Map: Process only dimensional logistic attributes, because hazmats are already handled together with tunnel categories

    Fixes an issue where roads would be shown as restricted even though they aren't.

  • Navigation: Adapt voice instructions to truck needs

    We have made slight changes to the distances at which voice instructions are told if using a truck for navigation. The instructions should be announced sooner as to let the driver prepare in advance.

  • Navigation: Correctly read orientation of currently passed road from route trajectory

    It would sometimes happen that the VehicleZone analyzer would falsely notify with a restricted zone right after passing a waypoint. This should be fixed from now on.

  • Navigation: Fix lanes connectivity

    The lane assist would not be shown in some cases, even though it should have been. This was now fixed.

  • Navigation: Fix playing sound files from assets folder on Android

  • Navigation: Fix unreasonable detour when shorter detour exists

    In some cases, recompute tried to connect to the original route which lead to longer route than original one or another possible one if full recompute was forced. This should now be fixed.

  • Position: Correctly notify position source

  • Position: Fix fast forward animation at tunnel exit
  • Position: Store last position value and load it after initializing the SDK

    From now on, the last known position is periodically (each minute) saved into our preferences. This assures that when closing and opening the application again, there will always be a position.

  • Routing: Collect logistic violations from all route parts

    In some edge cases, some route warnings would not be correctly sent to the integrator. This has now been fixed and all warnings should now be sent.

  • Routing: Correctly update existing route with new scout compute durations if routes are same

    This fixes a problem with times to waypoints in case a scout compute was triggered and a waypoints was passed.

  • Routing: Include weight factors into isochrone calculation

    From now on, the weight factors will be taken into account when calculating EV Range.

  • Routing: Possible fix for neverending recomputes with traffic

  • Search: Properly handle with consecutive created custom places search instances for same dataset
  • Traffic: Fix decoding empty lines

    This fixes a nullptr crash while decoding OpenLR traffic data.

25.4.0 (2024-02-12)

Bug Fixes

  • Android: Fix do not play sound if audio focus was not granted

    Wait for AUDIOFOCUS_REQUEST_GRANTED/FAILED when playing sounds.

  • Core: Determine correctly on which side of the road endpoint is

  • Core: Don't remove legacy maps folder if override folder is the same
  • Core: Fix possible crash if destroying SYOfflineMapSearch or SYTrajectory after SDK terminate
  • Map: Correct country-continent mapping based on new data
  • Map: Do not animate camera view automatically when new location is more than 1.5 screen size away
  • Map: Fix crash in heightmap while maps are unloaded
  • Map: Handle failed reading of adjacent graph elements
  • Map: Optimize Bundle Installation when maps are already installed
  • Map: Optimize size of road tile cache
  • Map: Show value of dimensional limits instead of exceeding one from vehicle settings on map view
  • Map: Use autozoom feature in lanes assistant view if too many lanes are displayed

    If more than 5 lanes are to be displayed in the Lane assist view, the view will be zoomed out.

  • Map: Use current time to evaluate logistic restrictions with time interval

    If a logistic restriction has a time period during which it is valid, we will now correctly show the information on the map.

  • Navigation: Change Serbian TTS lang code

    Serbian TTS should now be working with 3rd party TTS voice engines.

  • Navigation: Do not try to create Truck Aid notifications of unsupported types

  • Navigation: Fix crash when destination is in a dead-end street
  • Navigation: Missing base lane connectivities

    We artificially try to add lane connectivities if missing. This is crucial for Lane assist on HERE maps.

  • Navigation: Remove faulty vehicle aid cache

    The vehicle aid cache proved to be consuming too much resources and we have therefore removed it. This is only an internal change.

  • Online: Fix crash during map update

  • Routing: Add weight consideration to empty battery charge warning estimation
  • Search: Disconnect only affected custom places instances during refreshing index
  • Search: Fix handling of error cases in search


  • Android: Allow to turn on vehicle position debug mode

    When diagnosing an issue with the GPS position and behavior of the position arrow, it is crucial for us to be able to debug the issue. To help us, the integrator can turn on the debug mode themselves like this:

    "Map": {
      "debug" : {
        "show_vehicle_positions" : true
  • Routing: Add trailer count, axles and vehicle axles option to Android Routing Options