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Links to the API Reference can be found here

25.7.1 (2024-06-26)

Bug Fixes

  • Map: Correctly read logistic offset from online maps
  • Routing: Fix crash when loading online maps due to incorrect synchronization context

25.7.0 (2024-06-07)

Bug Fixes

  • iOS: Correctly fill complexJunction property in SYLaneInfo object

    The information that the junction is a complex junction is now correctly filled in the SYLaneInfo object.

  • iOS: Fix crash when renderer initialization failed and MapView is null

  • iOS: Represent unspecified value of SYPosition.course as -1 instead of a big negative value

    In case that the position is not acquired yet and the integrator asks for the last known position, a random value would be returned as that is what we received from the iOS system. Now, -1 is returned in such cases.

  • Map: Fix cut drawing of traffic events if they are connected

    Sometimes there would be a problem when connecting two continuous traffic events and one would not be shown on the route. This has now been fixed.

  • Map: Fix map rectangle growing out of limits and cache camera values instead of sync calls to camera

  • Map: Modify camera and depth parameters to suppress glitches on sea areas

    This fixes flickering of blue water areas which mostly happened near coasts.

  • Map: Reset trajectory in VehicleGroup before deinitialization, use trajectory in try catch block

    This should presumably fix a crash.

  • Map: Show map object also on min and max zoom level

  • Navigation: Correctly detect traversal direction for analyzed roads located behind via point
  • Navigation: Do not announce roundabout voice instruction if there is a waypoint in it

    This reduces the voice instruction count and reduces verbosity.

  • Navigation: Extend summary length for multiple turns occurring consecutively analyzed as single one

  • Navigation: Get more specific speed restriction for current vehicle for analysing danger turns
  • Navigation: Show lanes about 200m sooner for truck if we have data. In city 100m.
  • Online: Fix retrieving online custom place data
  • Position: Prevent race condition during trajectory matching
  • Position: Remove cyclic dependency from RoadAppender
  • Routing: Do not check for roundabout exit on via point junction
  • Routing: Handle reading logistics for very short routes on single road
  • Routing: Make arrive-in-direction return consistent results

    Also, a new feature using which it is possible to choose whether the routing algorithm should arrive to the destination in the direction of the road or not. Read more below.

  • Traffic: Decode traffic events with 0s delay

    This change will make some of the roadwork traffic incidents show up on route instead of under the route.


  • Android: Add callbacks to VoiceManager

    New callbacks have been added: OnSetVoiceCallback, OnPlaySampleCallback

  • iOS: Add publishing as Swift Package - Link to GitHub

  • Routing: Add option to indicate whether routing should finish on endpoint's side

    Android's interface has a new setter for RoutingOptions: setArriveInDrivingSide

    iOS interface's SYRoutingOptions has a new boolean property arriveInDrivingSide