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Links to the API Reference can be found here

19.0.2 (2021-02-17)

Bug Fixes

  • Android: Fix ability to set background behind LanesView
  • Android: Limit DownloadManager to 5 simultaneous downloads to avoid frozen or silent dead downloads
  • Map: Anchor RoadSign text to the center instead of relying on the text size
  • Map: Send already existing dynamic data in map data model to newly added observer
  • Map: Synchronize access to dynamic data in camera data model
  • Map: Try to find suitable position along the route for Smart Labels
  • Navigation: Fix crash in GetRouteProgress
  • Routing: EV station preferences are now filtered by POI Brand name instead of external ID
  • Routing: Fix parallel call of Route::GetCompleteRoadElements

19.0.1 (2021-02-11)

Bug Fixes

  • Core: Check for HttpDownload ptr validity when fetching it's GroupId
  • Map: Add view distance property to view camera to allow smooth transition from "follow gps" to "free" mode
  • Map: Correct determination of map specialization
  • Map: Fix potential crash in poi attributes
  • Map: Keep exclusive access during onMapReady processing
  • Map: Make elements in PoI Category configuration file overridable paritially
  • Map: Show country names in correct language after MapView is created
  • Navigaiton: Dont use invalid position for railwayanalyzer
  • Navigation: Change POR reported distance from POI distance to split point distance
  • Navigation: Fix crashes when offline and online maps are unloded and loaded again
  • Navigation: Fix distance to POR calculation
  • Navigation: Fix strange jumps through points while iterating the trajectory
  • Online: Ensure updating online map url only when the service is initialized
  • Routing: Fix crash when alternatives are disabled but alternative type list is not empty

19.0.0 (2021-02-02)

Bug Fixes

  • Android: Fix adding MapObjects and camera operations with external surface (Android Auto)
  • Android: Fix deadlock in destroying SygicContext
  • Android: Fix getting bitmaps from assets based on density of map view
  • Audio: Don't say empty street name instructions "onto" in pedestrian mode
  • iOS: Change SYSchoolZone string to match the other constants in SYIncidentTypes
  • map: Fix drawing of scaled texts and markers
  • Map: Interpolate lanes with no looping glitches
  • Map: Reset map caches after a new map is loaded
  • Map: When removing a ClusterLayer from map, reset layer in all markers that are in it immediately
  • Navigation: Don't report empty LaneInfo while moving
  • Navigation: Dont set internal lanes as forming or ending
  • Navigation: Fix Lane Assist on highways with different names
  • Navigation: Highlight more lanes in LaneAssist
  • Navigation: Read "ninth" instead of "nineth" in English TTS
  • Navigation: Show Lane Assist while there are leaving roads
  • Position: Correctly reset snapping history
  • Position: Fix crash while reloading a map
  • Position: Fix freezing vehicle location after great changes of position
  • Position: Fix random vehicle rotation interpolation
  • Routing: Add missing highway instruction
  • Routing: Add waypoint charging station to waypoint list
  • Routing: EV routes should now correctly contain charging waypoints.
  • Routing: Fix crash when map doesnt have speedprofiles
  • Routing: Fix handling of hazardous materials flags
  • Routing: Fix TTL func setting
  • Routing: Run compute progress once for multipart routes
  • Search: Fix possible crash when searching places with no attributes
  • Windows: Calculate text area by ceiling the resulting value instead of flooring it


  • Android: Add locale support for MapLoader
  • Android: Add support for playing PCM sound output into AudioManager
  • Android: AudioSettings class is using AutoInitialization
  • Android: Change "axels" to "axles" in SygicJsonConfig
  • Android: Introduce correctly named methods in LogisticInfoSettings
  • Android: Rename heading to course in GeoCourse and CustomPositionUpdater
  • Core: Add an option to set the language of MapLoader's content
  • DriversBehavior: Remove Android and iOS DriversBehavior interfaces
  • iOS: Add locale support for MapLoader
  • iOS: Add PCM sound support to SYAudioManager.playOutput
  • iOS: Remove duplicated constants SYIncidentInfoType
  • iOS: Use correct naming for PowerTypes
  • Map: Add localization support to the Map module
  • Map: Add option to set custom texture to the SmartLabel showing street names on route
  • Map: Change the SYEVStation icon color to green
  • Map: Draw restricted roads on the route using specified colors and restriction markers
  • Map: Make camera terrain clamping controllable through the skin
  • Map: Set default icons for logistic info and route restrictions
  • Navigation: Add exit side to HighwayExit notification
  • Navigation: Add signal to indicate that an important junction was just passed
  • Position: Smooth out gps speed if the position is not snapped
  • Routing: Add getter for remaining battery capacity at route waypoints
  • Routing: Add route waypoints durations
  • Routing: Add EV preferences
  • Routing: AETR routing is now available (Legal stops)
  • Routing: Remove recompute from Routing
  • Routing: Replace old routing module interface with a new one
  • Routing: Support json serialization/deserialization for detected route restrictions violations
  • Sound: AudioManager::PlayOutput method will ignore the sound redirection


  • iOS: SYIncidentInfoType removed, use SYIncidentType instead
  • iOS, Android: iOS and Android: AudioManager.playOutput doesn’t cause sound redirection, even if redirection callbacks are set. Redirection callbacks are called only if playback is initiated internally by SDK.
  • Navigation: Moved street changed analyzer to the navigation module
  • iOS: SYEVPowerTypeC has been renamed to SYEVPowerTypeDC as there was a typo. To migrate your project, replace SYEVPowerTypeC with SYEVPowerTypeDC
  • DriversBehavior: The Android and iOS interfaces for DriversBehavior have been removed as the feature will no longer be supported.
  • Android: A typo has been fixed in SygicJsonConfig builder, please use trailerAxles and vehicleAxles instead of trailerAxels and vehicleAxels, respectively.
  • Android: Heading has been renamed to course in GeoCourse and CustomPositionUpdater to keep the naming unified.
  • Android: AudioSettings.getInstance method was removed because it was ignoring the SDK initialization and caused random runtime crashes. Use AudioSettingsProvider to obtain AudioSettings safely
  • Navigation: Lane highlighting is now available for each lane symbol in each lane
  • Routing: - Java methods onRecomputeStarted and onRecomputeFinished of RouteComputeListener were removed. To migrate your code, use the OnRouteRecomputeProgressListener in NavigationManager.
    • iOS delegate method routing:didStartRouteRecompute and routing:didFinishRouteRecompute of SYRoutingDelegate were removed. To migrate your code, use navigation:didUpdateRecomputeProgress:withStatus: in SYNavigationDelegate.
    • iOS method recomputeRoute: of SYRouting was removed.