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Links to the API Reference can be found here

21.3.2 (2022-12-13)

Bug Fixes

  • Map: Reduce vertex buffer size to fix color flashing on Adreno chips
  • Places: Fix uninitialized pointer to array if size of category is zero
  • Places: Replace an existing place by a new data, increase robustness of categories parsing

21.3.1 (2022-11-30)

Bug Fixes

  • Android: Fix install custom places from json properly returns error if custom places poi provider is not available
  • Android: Fix SimpleMapDataModel saving and restoring
  • Audio: Correctly return permanent ID for installed voice
  • Audio: Fix deletion of VoicePackage from active voice packages
  • Map: Fix converting UTC time to sygic time (local time) according to an iso map
  • Map: Use alternative restriction if primary is disabled for Last Mile
  • Navigation: Do not highlight default straight arrow in Lane when any other direction is highlighted
  • Navigation: Fix imprecise conversion of coordinates in some cases
  • Place: Connect to a proper online custom places service endpoint and process custom places data
  • Places: Fix reading of Custom and Individual Places names in multiple languages
  • Routing: Fix highway detours
  • Routing: Set ferry default speed (35km/h) for ETA
  • Routing: Verify insufficient battery for backup route
  • Traffic: Match TMC traffic entries to regions
  • Voices: Fix missing GetVoicePackages callback if performed concurrently with UnloadMaps

21.3.0 (2022-11-02)


  • Map: Add marker collisions flags to platform interfaces

    Imagine that you create a route, add it to the map, add MapMarkers for start/end waypoints and/or other waypoints. Then you want to add MapSmartLabels to show the duration and distance of a route. By default, the markers would have been on top of the MapSmartLabels, rendering them unreadable. Since now, you can set, if the MapMarkers should or should not collide with other objects. You can set if the MapMarker's image should collide with MapSmartLabel objects using the setCollisions method. You can set if the MapMarker's label should collide with MapSmartLabel objects using the setLabelCollisions method. The MapSmartLabels should jump away from the MapMarker when setting it to true.

  • Position: Add option to set maximum polyline matching distance

    If by any chance you are using a custom implementation of online routing, you can now adjust the maximum matching distance of the resulting polyline onto the map. You can do that via the JSON Configuration. The default value is 8 (meters).

"Position": {
  "Matching" : {
    "max_diff_distance_meters" : 8