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21.2.3 (2022-10-27)

Bug Fixes

  • Android: Cancel and shutdown connections and requests when destroying HTTP
  • Android: Change GeoCourse constructor to public to be able to use CustomPositionUpdater::updateCourse method
  • Android: Fix SimpleMapDataModel functions if they are called before MapView is created
  • Map: Create several street names for long minor roads
  • Map: Do not display hazmat restriction when tunnel restrictions are set to None
  • Map: Extend android version check for visual glitches to >= 12
  • Map: Fix crash when getting roads
  • Map: Load route positions to smart label when they are available in route group
  • Navigation: Correctly disconnect navigation signal receiver during SDK deinitialization
  • Navigation: Fix crash when snapping to single road element
  • Navigation: Use next close roundabout in audio instruction

    This fixes audio instructions in extremely rare cases in which a roundabout joins another roundabout.

  • Position: Use GPS heading to snap on roads

  • Routing: Fix language of the route instructions when setting a different map language
  • Routing: Fix User Canceled callback when cancelling EV compute
  • Search: Handle asynchronous dispatches in search executor during SDK deinitialization

21.2.1 (2022-10-13)

Bug Fixes

  • Android: Fix handling multiple TTS voices with the same name but different id

    On Android devices, all possible TTS voices of a language had the same voice. This has now been fixed.

  • Android: Synchronize creating route objects

    It should no longer happen that you receive a route with empty waypoint objects.

  • Core: Fix incorrectly applied argument in union of bounding boxes

    The SYGeoBoundingBox's functions union and scale now return correct results.

  • iOS: Fix crash during creating SYMapView after SYMapPlacesManager fillPlaces

  • iOS: Validate input in distanceToGeoCoordinate to avoid probable exception
  • Map: Do clear all holders when there the logistic settings are used first time
  • Map: Fix corrupting a long district name on zooming
  • Map: Fix crash in auto-zoom when reloading maps
  • Navigation: Dont use trajectory magnetism in freedrive mode when gps accuracy is sufficient
  • Navigation: Fix instruction in cases where there is a road bifurcation in the route
  • Navigation: Highlight the valid maneuver in case of multiple allowed maneuvers on one lane
  • Navigation: Don't say instruction on straight internal junctions where every side road is of lower roadclass
  • Navigation: Don't say left or right on internal junctions when it is not top left or top right and angle is not sharp
  • Routing: Get Toll info from LogisticInfo sub attribute

21.2.0 (2022-10-04)

Bug Fixes

  • Android: Fix onEVRangeError parameter type
  • Android: Fix wrong JNI argument type when creating ChargingWaypoint
  • Android: Set timeout for HTTP requests to 30 seconds

    By mistake, the timeout has been set to 10 seconds in the previous releases.

  • Core: Fix memory leak in GetRouteRequest and GetRouteProgress

  • Map: Add creating destination folder if it is absent while attempting to download speedcam database
  • Map: Allow clustering on farthest zoom levels
  • Navigation: Correctly detect if radar analyzer is done and do not report 100% progress multiple times
  • Navigation: Do not show Lane assist on a junction with multiple connecting roads that do not contain lane info
  • Navigation: Fix missing places in place explorer
  • Navigation: Highlight all possible lanes in Lane assist
  • Navigation: Show LA on highways enters
  • Navigation: Turn off LA on long identical sections, turn on LA on multilane roundabouts
  • Routing: Do not use online routing when not connected to network
  • Routing: Fix app crashes after route restore
  • Routing: Remove route geometry validation


  • Android: Add ability to retrieve transit regions from route

    More Info

  • Android: Add ability to use raw GPS signal instead of interpolation inside tunnels

    More Info

  • Android: Add battery model curves into EVProfile

  • Android: Add option EVProfile batteryMinimumDestinationThreshold and corresponding warning
  • Android: Route may be calculated with warnings

    More Info

  • iOS: Add ability to retrieve transit regions from route

  • iOS: Add ability to use raw GPS signal instead of interpolation inside tunnels
  • iOS: Add battery model based on consumption curve (SYEVProfile) and charging curve (SYBatteryProfile)
  • iOS: Add next speed limit details to SYSpeedLimitInfo
  • iOS: Add option SYEVProfile.batteryMinimumDestinationThreshold and corresponding warning
  • iOS: Route may be calculated with warnings
  • Map: Add JSON config options allowing disable normal map and height map
  • Map: Load and render disputed borders
  • Routing: Allow setting desired SOC at destination
  • Routing: Return EV route even with insufficient battery