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Links to the API Reference can be found here

21.4.2 (2023-01-31)

Bug Fixes

  • Navigation: Do not announce DeliveryZone as ProhibitedEntry
  • Position: Add missing precision to interface position source
  • Routing: Consider vehicle heading when recomputing the route
  • Routing: Motorcycle routing is now working again

21.4.1 (2023-01-20)

Bug Fixes

  • iOS: Fix rare crash in getRouteProgress
  • Map: Calculate radius correction for Mercator projection in clustered places to provide even distribution of clusters
  • Map: Fix crash in iOS at update map view
  • Map: Fix rectangle intersection evaluation
  • Map: Handle invalid heading values
  • Navigation: Do not say FM as Federated States of Micronesia
  • Navigation: Fix crash at computing a route in the Germany
  • Navigation: Fix translation of shortcuts for TTS
  • Voices: Fix incorrect ID of installed voice packages after app restart
  • Voices: Fix voice uninstallation after app restart (call get available voices before uninstall)

21.4.0 (2023-01-05)

Bug Fixes

  • Audio: Do not translate first letter of roadnumbers if second letter is dash
  • Audio: Fix wrong path to navi audio files
  • Map: Load the height map from tiles, choose the best from overlapping tiles, improve height generator of empty cells adjacent to available cells
  • Map: Temporarily disable Vehicle Aid visualization
  • Navigation: Fix conversion of region ISO codes during deinitialization
  • Navigation: Fix crash after vehicle completed navigation to a destination point
  • Navigation: Fix crash on explore charging stations at a position
  • Navigation: Fix invalid next speed limit position in SpeedLimitInfo
  • Navigation: Fix rare crash when approaching junction or waypoint in tunnel
  • Navigation: Fix wrong course when using custom position updater
  • Navigation: LA improvements on roads without connectivity
  • Places: Ensure custom places languages ordering is the same as loaded from online service
  • Places: Provide detail data for online custom places
  • Position: Animate heading and position changes after trajectory has been changed
  • Position: Decelerate speed when gps angle is moving other way
  • Position: Fix snap canidate heading when is not connected to prev candidate
  • Position: Make speed vector displacement to work again
  • Routing: Fix null pointer crash in ITF reader
  • Search: Fix ReverseGeocoder address point selection
  • Traffic: Fix app crash when invalid geometry traffic event arrives
  • Traffic: Fix missing traffic on the map after second update


  • Android: Add turn preference setting into RoutingOptions
  • Audio: Update and add new support for TTS voices
  • iOS: Add support of arm64 simulator
  • Navigation: Add options to set Vehicle Aid, Zone and Traffic Sign audio settings in runtime
  • Search: Provide map iso through reverse geocoding