Android Java SDK for Sygic 3D
ApiHistory Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static ArrayList< HistoryRecordgetHistoryList (boolean searchAddress, int maxTime) throws GeneralException
 Returns the list of items in History. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ getHistoryList()

static ArrayList<HistoryRecord> getHistoryList ( boolean  searchAddress,
int  maxTime 
) throws GeneralException

Returns the list of items in History.

searchAddressSpecify whether getHistoryList searches for address or not. If searchAddress=true, GetHistoryList fills address member of each HistoryArr item
maxTimeMaximum of time (in milliseconds) function can take. If maxTime=0 function execution is not time limited.
ArrayList containing model.HistoryRecord instances
GeneralExceptionthe general exception

References Api.getInstance(), Api.getService(), and HistoryRecord.readBundle().