◆ ShowHierarchyDialog()

static int ShowHierarchyDialog ( out SError  Error,
string  Iso,
string  City,
string  Street,
bool  bPostal,
out SWayPoint  Position,
Int32  MaxTime 

The function shows hierarchy dialog and returns location of taken address.

ErrorAdditional error information returned from Drive.
IsoISO code of map (country) where address is located. This parameter is obligatory.
CityName of city or postal code of the city in taken country.
StreetStreet in taken city.
bPostalFlag determining whether City parameter represents city or ZIP code.
true - ZIP code.
false - City.
PositionReference to instance of SWayPoint class determinig location of taken address.
MaxTimeMaximum time (in milliseconds) function can take. If MaxTime=0 function execution is not time limited.
1 if successful, other value otherwise.

Possible error codes returned from Drive are:

  • 0 - Function not succeeded.
  • 1 - Function succeeded.
  • 2 - Drive not succeeded.
  • 3 - Function reached timeout.

References SWayPoint.SizeOf(), and SError.SizeOf().