◆ ShowMessage()

static int ShowMessage ( out SError  Error,
string  strMessage,
int  nButtons,
bool  bWaitForFeedback,
bool  bShowApplication,
ref int  nUserFeedback,
Int32  MaxTime 

The function shows a dialog with a specified message.

ErrorAdditional error information returned from Drive.
strMessageText of the message to show.
nButtonsType of used buttons.
  • 1 - MbOk
  • 2 - MbOkCancel
  • 3 - MbYesNo
bWaitForFeedbackFlag determining whether Drive returns reply before user click the button.
true - Drive will return reply after user click the button
false - Drive will return reply immediately.
nUserFeedbacknUserFeedback informs which button clicked.
101 - Cancel/No button
201 - Ok/Yes button
MaxTimeMaximum time (in milliseconds) function can take. If MaxTime=0 function execution is not time limited.
bShowApplicationFlag determining whether Drive should be brought to foreground automatically.
true - Drive will be brought to foreground.
false - Drive will stay in background.
1 if successful, other value otherwise.

ShowMessage shows dialog over full device screen with take message.

Possible error codes returned from Drive are:

  • 0 - Function not succeeded.
  • 1 - Function succeeded.
  • 2 - Drive not succeeded.
  • 3 - Function reached timeout.

References SError.SizeOf().