◆ ShowCoordinatesOnMap()

static int ShowCoordinatesOnMap ( out SError  Error,
int  Zoom,
bool  bShowApplication,
Int32  MaxTime 

The function shows taken location on BrowseMap.

ErrorAdditional error information returned from Drive.
LocationLocation which will be shown on BrowseMap.
ZoomDistance (in meters) which will be shown between left and right border of the BrowseMap. Range of this parameter should be between 256 and 1000000.
MaxTimeMaximum time (in milliseconds) function can take. If MaxTime=0 function execution is not time limited.
bShowApplicationFlag determining whether Drive should be brought to foreground automatically.
true - Drive will be brought to foreground.
false - Drive will stay in background.
1 if successful, other value otherwise.

Point with taken location will be shown in the middle of BrowseMap.

BrowseMap is map shown on after clicking Browse Map menu button. BrowseMap allows browse the loaded maps and change zoom.

See Coordinates conversion section in TROUBLESHOOTING page.

Possible error codes returned from Drive are:

  • 0 - Function not succeeded.
  • 1 - Function succeeded.
  • 2 - Drive not succeeded.
  • 3 - Function reached timeout.

References LONGPOSITION.SizeOf(), SError.SizeOf(), and LONGPOSITION.WriteUnmanaged().