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ITF Files specification

Specification version 2.0

This section explains how to work with itinerary files (also referred to as ITF files).

1. About ITF Files

The ITF file contains the list of waypoints, which define the input for a route calculations.
Each waypoint contains 6 attributes, and each waypoint is of the following type attribute: via point, finish, start and invisible.
Route follows the points in the itinerary in a defined order.

2. Itinerary File Attributes

SectionNamec++ typeBytesDescription
HeaderTimelong4 bytesCreation time of itimerary In Sygic format. Count of seconds snce 1.1.2001
 Emptyunsigned int4 bytes 
 Visited Indexshort int2 bytesIndex of last visited point in itinerary
 Count of pointsunsigned short int2 bytesCount of points in itinerary file
Point 1Longitudelong4 bytesLongitude in degrees x 100 000
 Latitudelong4 bytesLatitude in degrees x 100 000
 Typeunsigned char1 byteType of itinerary point: Via Point = 1, Finish = 2, Start = 3, Invisible = 4.
 Emptyunsigned char1 byte 
 Length of Nameunsigned short int2 bytesLength of Point name in bytes = (unsigned short int)( ( wcslen(Name) + 1 ) * sizeof(wchar_t))
 Namewchar_t[]Length of NameName of point. Unicode null terminated string.
Point nLongitudelong4 bytes 
 Latitudelong4 bytes 
 Typeunsigned char1 byte 
 Emptyunsigned char1 byte 
 Length of Nameunsigned short int2 bytes 
 Namewchar_t[]Length of Name